The Executive Guide To Budgeting For Video Banking in 2022_cover

What You’ll Learn From The Executive Guide For Success In Video Banking:

  • How Can You Be Successful In The Future Of Banking?
  • Why Doesn't Video Conferencing Work For Video Banking?
  • Where Is Video Chat Providing Personalized Banking?
  • Digital Video Banking Lobby: What Is It & Why It’s Now Critical.
  • 8 Moves To Add To Your Video Banking Playbook.
  • How Do You Promote For The Highest Current Customer Adoption Rate?
  • New Customer Acquisition | Promoting For Growth.
  • How Can Video Banking Work When Somebody Comes Into The Branch?
  • How Do You Utilize The Data In Video Banking?
    Insights & Lessons Learned From Video Banking Real-Time Data
  • Constituents For A Successful Video Banking Roll Out.

The Executive Guide To Budgeting For Video Banking in 2022

The world of banking has changed dramatically over the last five years. Customers are managing their money in their pocket, 24×7 but banks are still heavily reliant on physical locations and physical face-to-face relationships. Consumers are about convenience, comparing their customer expectations to other industries that have moved to instant gratification.

For banks and credit unions to acquire new customers and provide the high-touch servicing that customers demand, you have to think outside of the branch four-walls to communicate where customers are, everywhere.

If video banking is not in your budget plans for 2020, it should be. It could be one of the largest ROI's (averaging 300%) on your budget line items for next year. What to see what your ROI could be? Get your custom ROI calculation using industry standards and 3rd party data.