Video Banking: Banking Beyond Four Walls White Paper

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Why Banks Are Scrambling to Video Banking?

In this White Paper, we cover the future of physical branches, lessons learned from phase 1 of COVID, and best practices on how to increase your digital conversion rates 3X. Learn how video banking is increasing NPS/CSAT scores plus wallet share.

  • Comparison chart of video banking vs. video conferencing vs. video ITMs? Why bank executives are ditching video ITM plans to save over 80%. 
  • Beyond COVID, what are the demand drivers for video banking? 
  • Lessons learned from COVID and how it changes branch design, virtual employees, and the future of new locations. 
  • How to effectively increase digital marketing conversion rates by 3x with video banking? 
  • Illustration: today's fragmented branch model vs. integrating best practices in your video banking model. 
  • Video Banking 101: Best Practices on how and where to get started with video banking. 

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